Autumn work on the Green

This year we employed contractors to carry out some of the annual maintenance work on the green for the very first time thus relieving our small band of willing workers of much of the strenuous work, after all none of us are getting any younger. On Monday 18th September we scarified the green in four directions and Colin Whatmore kindly helped take the grass away in the trailer. All the ditch rubbers were removed and stored for the winter and likewise the benches from around the green. The hydrangeas on the east side of the green were also removed and taken away, making room for more access along that side of the green. On Thursday 21st September the contractors arrived at 7.15am and their work involved hollow tining the green, over seeding and spreading 4 tonnes of top dressing. We were very lucky with the weather and their work was complete by 2.15pm. All we need now is good weather to ensure good germination of the new seed.

Thanks go to the group of willing helpers who attended on Monday to help with that work and to those that came along on Thursday to help where necessary, but it is fair to say it was nice for us to be able to sit back and see the work being done for us.

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